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Parenting with the Pastor (Life's a Beach)

My morning started with Kelsea screaming inconsolably for a beach. Yep, my three year old woke up screaming to be on the beach. The three year old who has never been to the ocean. My son, Isaac wanted to make a beach in the house for her. This action started before my eyes were actually opened and long before coffee. So, in wildly optimistic hope, I mention the coffee. Isaac makes and brings me coffee (sweetest boy) and promptly spills it all over me and the bed. Quick recap, three year old screaming, a proposed beach in my living room, an embarrassed and emotionally fragile preteen, and hot coffee everywhere but heading towards the brain that desperately needs it. And the spouse has already left for work. *Le sigh* Some mornings are like that. Most mornings are like that.

I don't know about you all, but I had a hard time surviving parenting long before this time we call Covid. These days, it's considered a win when we make it through the day alive and mostly injury free (It only counts as an injury if there are lasting marks and/or bleeding. Any other definition means we never win the day). All of this means that being optimistic or positive, when we all desperately need both, is very difficult. I've had days when all the things go wrong and we're all about to explode and then we make brownies and forget the dishes. I'll tell you, baking saves the day way too often in this house. And then there are days when we forget the abject mess that is the living room and do crafts all day. And the pjs and movies all day days. The problem is, we can't just alternate these three options. Eventually someone has to do the dishes (somehow that someone is almost always me... go figure). Someone has to find the floor in the living room, and someone (me again) has to ensure broccoli enters the diet picture somewhere.

Surprise ending- I don't have any pithy advice. I'm not going to quote scripture at you. That never ends well. My dad preached a sermon once where he quoted Jesus saying "The scripture says 'Honor thy mother and thy father', but I say to you do not provoke your child to anger". Guess how many times that came back to bite him in his pastorly posterior. All I want to tell you is that you aren't alone. Some of this time sucks. A lot of this time sucks. Some of it (the brownie, pj, craft, movie time) is pretty okay. And we all have to deal with all of it. Jodi Taylor (told you I'd quote her a lot) wrote "If you're alive, anything is possible. It's being dead that seriously limits your options". So friends, my (hopefully) not pithy advice is to wear masks, wash your hands, stay alive, and when all else fails, bake brownies.

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