Our Story

We're passionate about church -- or at least what church can be -- when church is being true to Jesus' message of love and welcome.


We believe church should be a place where people can explore their faith, wrestle with their doubts, and be accepted for who they are.  

We believe church should be a place where people experience God's love and inclusion, no matter their ethnicity, sexuality, or gender identity.

We believe church should be a place where people can come together to support one another, grow together, and work together to make a difference in our world.

Because we believe this, in 2018 we began by working with Missiongathering Movement, a church planting movement within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

a nationwide movement of churches dedicated simply to following Jesus

and welcoming all to Jesus' table.

A cold, snowy Sunday morning at Glacier Peak Elementary (yes, it's true!) we had our first gathering and since then we've been bringing the good news of God’s love and welcome and inclusion to the communities of Northglenn, Thornton and the North Denver metro.

Our Pastor

Loren Richmond Jr. is married to Corinna and has two awesome children, Lexi and Jaxson. He has served churches in various capacities for several years,most recently as Lead Pastor, and graduated from Phillips Seminary in 2013 with a Masters of Divinity.​

Already living in Thornton, Loren sought to follow God's leading to create a church where everyone would be welcomed and included.

Our Values


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


We exist to be a growing community of Jesus followers, dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our neighbors.


Inspiring Hope - Illuminating Love - Imagining Faith

We welcome and affirm everyone

of every race, ethnicity, age,

sexual orientation, and gender identity, just as Jesus did.

We are part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  

Being part of a denomination allows legal and theological accountability

and gives opportunity for forming partnerships to achieve greater impact.