Here at Missiongathering, we’re proclaiming a reality, that God is at work in our world. We didn’t start it, rather we’re joining in on what’s happening. And more than just proclaiming, we’re joining in on God’s work by reclaiming time and space for God’s ways of love, peace, and justice. 

We’re reclaiming time and space for God by building a better environment for children to experience God’s love, creating a more beautiful space for people to experience the sacred, and increasing our partnerships with local non-profits. 

As we look ahead to a new year of mission and ministry, we believe these are initiatives that can’t wait—where God is inviting us, even now, to make a difference. You can be a part of what we’re doing together by making a one-time gift above your regular contribution towards our “What can’t Wait: 2020 initiative.” 

We invite you participate in this work by making a contribution online or in-person by Sunday, December 29, our “Mission Sunday, where we can live out our work together and celebrate with one another our commitment to participating in what God is doing in our world, through us.